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Windows Vista Activation Activators and Cracks AIO (All-in-One)

After installation Windows Vista 6.0 (Final or RTM version), the next logical step is to activate Windows Vista by using Windows Vista Activation module so that the operating system can be used in full functionality mode without any limitation or restriction. If you have proper and genuine product key for Vista, online activation process should be easy and simple. If you don’t, or have problem activate Vista, there are cracks or workarounds that allows you to activate Vista using product key for Vista RC (release candidate) version or beta version. And now, there is Vista Activators AIO that combines all these cracks into a single download file.

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Install Windows Media Player 11 Bypass Windows Genuine Advantage WGA Validation Workaround

Microsoft has released Windows Media Player 11 (WMP 11) beta which is available for direct full download from Windows Media Player Download page (no validation required), or Microsoft Download Center (WGA validation required – for ways to bypass WGA validation, visit here). However, even if you managed to download Windows Media Player 11, there is a built-in WGA that check whether your Windows is genuine or not when trying to install as WMP 11 is designated by Microsoft for users running genuine Microsoft products or genuine Windows.

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Product Key Inaccessible Error during WGA Validation

When Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) Tool attempts to check the validity of Windows XP operating system, the validation check process does not validate successfully and returns the following error messages:

Product Key Inaccessible 0×80080212

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Windows Genuine Advantage Crack for WGA 1.5.722.0

If your Windows XP system has been installed with Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) Validation Tools v1.5.722.0 (only LegitCheckControl.dll is update to version 1.5.722.0), and you haven’t aware that there are much easier methods of workaround or hack to bypass WGA validation, or a hosts file trick to permanent make genuine your Windows, you can use the following cracks for Windows Genuine Advantage version 1.5.722.0 that are been released by ETH0, with more cracks likely to appear soon.

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Bypass and Crack Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) Final Installation to Skip and Bypass WGA Genuine Windows Validation

Microsoft has released final version of Internet Explorer 7, the next generation of web browser with enhanced security and most-want features. Public can download IE7 full version installer via direct download link from Microsoft. However, when you try to install IE 7, there is a Windows Genuine Advantage WGA validation check for whether genuine Windows installed. If you for any reason failed the genuine Windows test, you can still install Internet Explorer 7, by making your Windows genuine so that everything will be WGA validated positive. If installation still unable to proceed, IE7 can still be installed by using several method including the previously known patched IECustom.dll method

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